Since our launch in September 2002, our company has set out to encourage the participation of children in dance. Katie Driscoll, a BA Hons graduate from Wolverhampton University is the director of the company and coordinates the work we do in over 100 schools across the West Midlands.

As a company, we share a close partnership with a variety of schools, helping them to develop dance within their establishment.

KDDK is an ‘inclusive’ scheme as it is aimed at all ages regardless of experience or ability.

It is KDDK’s belief that dance in education is a key element of a child’s development. It can encourage discipline, improve spacial awareness and balance. It also gives children the opportunity to work individually or within a group, but above all allows for fun and creativity!

The only resource KDDK needs is a suitable sized space, preferably a wooden floor and a class of children!

KDDK can support teachers writing and/or developing schemes of work.

As dance experts, KDDK are eligible to take a class without a teacher present. KDDK maybe the answer to any Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) problems you might be encountering!

If you are interested in our company, please get in touch via the contact us page.


What we can offer!

 GCSE/BTEC Expertise
Different Dance Styles
Holiday Club
 Wake and Shake
Children’s Performance
Water Aerobics
One Off Workshops
Weekly Dance Classes
Keep Fit
Brain Gym



Who we can teach!

Foundation and Reception
Children who attend dance classes at an early age can experiment with movement which could help improve coordination. They also work together on building confidence and social skills, expanding their vocabulary whilst developing a deeper understanding in ways of moving and direction. The children refine their ability to follow instructions and dance routines but most of all have fun!
Key Stage One
At this stage, children are encouraged to follow a dance structure and start to create their own dances. Children begin to work together in groups, thus developing their social and communication skills. By performing their routines, children are able to grow in self-confidence. They will get the opportunity to explore and develop their movement skills through feelings, emotions and story telling.
Key Stage Two
By building on what they have already experienced, children are able to create dances that explore rhythm and movement, either individually or as part of a wider group. As well as looking at dance from different country’s and era’s, the children will get the opportunity to develop their performance skills further, by sharing their work with local schools in the community.
Secondary, BTEC and GCSE
Dance lessons offer students the opportunity to explore different styles and cultures. This diversity helps to develop a wider vocabulary for all. As they progress, they will begin looking at motif development as a different way of creating movement. Those students doing GCSE’s will also study the professional works of various dance groups and styles.

KDDK can also assist with ‘End of Year 6’ productions and special occasions like ‘Health Week’ etc…